My Dad’s Junk Mail

My dad lives next door to me in a 1 bedroom cottage that our family built for him.


His mailbox is out at the end of our lane, next to mine. (When it is not in the ditch because some kids are having fun knocking it off the post.)


He gets the usual: bills, junk flyers for discounts on fast food and tires, publishers clearinghouse, etc. But the other day, something new showed up. From the “Award Notification Commission”. Very official looking, saying that he has won $2,000,000! Not might. Not maybe. Has. And to celebrate, they want to send him a beautiful pendant, if he will send them $11.89 for shipping. And send back all the paperwork for verification and the check will be in the mail.

Skeptic that I am, I googled the “Award Notification Commission” and surprise, surprise…..they are not going to send him $2,000,000. Ok, I wasn’t surprised…..


So when (and why) should you monitor your elderly parents mail? After they have given hundreds of thousands of dollars away to various political parties and Jamaican scammers? (true story–not mine, but a friends) No. BEFORE it happens, you should read this. She says it better than I can. Yes, right now–go! Read it!

I understand the war this sets up in your “but they are the parent” brain. Just keep your eyes open. One scammy piece of mail may be just one scammy piece of mail. 5 or 10 may be something much more serious. Do it because you love them. And because the consequences can be awful.

It’s a jungle out there….take care of them!


About Linda

I am a learner. A teacher. A questioner. A lover of nature and of the big picture of life. Why and how and what if are questions that I constantly ask, since I am too lazy to do things the hard way and too out-of-the-box to do them the way they have always been done! I love growing things, building things and helping people define and reach their goals.
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