Hi! Linda McCabe here. You’re Getting Warmer is a one-woman operation and I am it! Hope you enjoy my blog posts and that you hop on over to my website to see what all the fuzz/buzz is about!   www.youregettingwarmer.com


One Response to About

  1. Mother says:

    Oh Linda, where did you get all your talent? You write, you sing, you compose, you teach, you cook, you build, you comfort, you counsel, you repair things, you grow things, you work like a Trogan horse. You can do all that plus more, and most unbelieveable, you can go without sleep and do it under pressure with a screaming deadline. All that, plus you are a true friend to many, a wonderful mother to two college sons, a special wife to a minister husband, and a special daughter too. Your blog is just awesome and intensely interesting, funny and cute. Perhaps Oprah or Dr. Phil or Oz or ? will read you and invite you to be interviewed on TV? You never know.

    Thank you for being you. I’m so proud to be your mother.

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