The sleepy blogger

Woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t sleep, so I got up to work on some marketing ideas I have had. Advertising Bookworm Sleeves on used book sites seemed a good idea, except that now as I have researched, they don’t typically have advertising on used book websites. Found a really cool one that supports literacy and book initiatives for nations in Africa and other war-torn countries, however… And I love their mission statement!

Speaking of mission statement: I have tried to come up with a short, catchy mission statement for You’re Getting Warmer, but have not succeeded. I think my global mind that swirls with ideas and possibilities works against me at times.

I also keep getting bogged down in the fact that when you are selling something that has never before been sold or even produced, you can’t describe it in just a few words. Like trying to describe the color green to a person who has never had the gift of sight. I guess “fleece shrug” is the most succinct, and it is an effective description if you already know what a shrug is. Otherwise, you are back to square one again. Even if I bounce off another product’s ad campaign and say that what I have is “Just Sleeves, no blanket”, it doesn’t really describe them accurately.

So, back to the drawing board…but first, back to bed…(yawn)


About Linda

I am a learner. A teacher. A questioner. A lover of nature and of the big picture of life. Why and how and what if are questions that I constantly ask, since I am too lazy to do things the hard way and too out-of-the-box to do them the way they have always been done! I love growing things, building things and helping people define and reach their goals.
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