Give ’em a warm shoulder…part 4

So there it is, folks! You know the story, you have seen the product, and all that is left is for me to actually get the web site up and running (it is up now!)  and start sewing and find the right business accounting software and….you get the picture. So I better get at it–cold weather is a’comin!

But I leave you with this visual, reminding you that “Friends don’t let friends stay cold!”

PS…that’s me in the front row on the floor. (Recognize the shoes?)


About Linda

I am a learner. A teacher. A questioner. A lover of nature and of the big picture of life. Why and how and what if are questions that I constantly ask, since I am too lazy to do things the hard way and too out-of-the-box to do them the way they have always been done! I love growing things, building things and helping people define and reach their goals.
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